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Category: Cockatoo Parrots for Sale
Specie: Red Vented Cockatoo for Sale
Sex: 4 males and 1 female available
Health: Very Healthy
Color: White



Red Vented Cockatoo for Sale

The white plumage of the Red-vented Cockatoo can be identified by its red undertail and pale yellow underwings. They have naked eye rings and beaks that have a grayish white color. Dark red eyes are more common in females than in males, who have dark brown eyes. On top of their heads, Red-vented Cockatoos have a small, recumbent crest. When they are happy or scared, they lift the crest.

The Red-vented Cockatoo behaviour consists of:

  • The Red-vented Cockatoo is very active, high energy and social birds and they roost, feed and fly in very noisy and big flocks
  •  They have load raucous calls
  • They are agile flyers and they can expertly evade predators by in-flight acrobatics
  • The Red-vented Cockatoo mate from March to July.  They pair up and live apart from the flock during mating season
  • They reuse the same nesting tree and the clutch size is usually two to three eggs with a 28 day incubation period until they hatch
  • The hatchlings stay in the nest for about 9 – 10 weeks
  • Precise data for the life span of this specific Cockatoo is not available, but some research suggests they can live between 17 – 40 years

Red Vented Cockatoo for Sale (Philippines Cockatoo)

Are you looking for a perceptive and charming bird? Consider purchasing a red vented cockatoo. The Red Vented Cockatoos are the perfect parrots for you, so stop searching now. They are adorably active and intelligent, which makes them simple to train. They make excellent pets because of their vocalization; they can imitate other sounds and your voice when you converse. Philippine cockatoos, sometimes known as red-vented cockatoos, make lovely pets and rapidly form a deep attachment to their owners.

The Bird Breeder offers a minimum 30-day health guarantee on all Red-vented cockatoo birds acquired through our website. View the Law relevant to your state if you have any queries regarding what is covered.

You must take your new Birdie to a veterinarian for a checkup within 30 days of purchasing him or her. You have the following alternatives if the veterinarian concludes, within 30 days of the purchase, that your Bird is clinically ill or will die due to an illness or injury likely to have been sustained on or before the date of sale and delivery:

  • Return the Bird for a complete refund.
  • Return the Bird for a replacement Bird of equal value.
  • Retain the Bird and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, not exceeding the purchase price.

Buy Red Vented Philippines Cockatoo Online

The Philippines’ Palawan archipelago’s mangrove swamps and jungles are home to the stunning and highly organized Red-vented Cockatoo, commonly known as the Philippines Cockatoo. Red-vented cockatoos are intelligent and need a lot of attention from their owners because they do not enjoy being left alone for an extended period of time. They are an outgoing bird that can learn tricks and also loves to be around its human owner.


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