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Caique Parrots for sale

A caique (pronounced “kah-eek“) can be the bird for you if you want a bird that is attractive, intelligent, active, and very entertaining. These energetic little parrots are renowned as the clowns of the bird world because they can fit a lot of personality into a tiny bundle of feathers.

What is a caique parrot?

Caiques are a little parrot species that are native to South America. They have short, square tails and distinct colors including green, black, yellow, and orange. Caiques are known as a fun species that frequently whistles and chirps, despite the fact that they rarely speak words in the same way as many other parrot species do.

Numerous bird enthusiasts have quickly accepted caiques into their homes and hearts. A family or individual that wants to keep a pair of birds might choose a caique.

Temperament of Caique parrots

Caiques are renowned for the powerful ties they can create with people. They enjoy receiving it. They can be very affectionate and like spending time playing or just relaxing with a human friend. This species might be the one for you if you’re looking for a new best buddy. They are known as the “dancing parrot” for a reason—they love to flaunt their abilities. They have wonderful personalities, are skilled at picking up entertaining antics, and are quick learners.

Caiques are amusing, hilarious tiny birds who love to play and have adventures. They are among the most active parrots and among the curiousest and trickiest as well. These birds have a temper, and when they contact with people, they may nip or at the very least find a way to utilize their beak.

Caiques make good pets when kept alone or in couples, but you should be careful not to cage one with another species. They can turn hostile and bite with astonishing acuity.

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