Ovos férteis de papagaio para venda

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Fertile Parrot Eggs for Sale

Healthful and fertile parrot eggs for sale. Our eggs have already been shown to be extremely fertile, thus hatching is guaranteed. We provide a wide variety of parrot and bird eggs for sale at competitive prices. Currently, our eggs are kept in incubators to preserve their fertility. Our eggs have a better rate of success.

We are the best and greatest when it comes to breeding birds and parrots, and we sell extremely viable candle-lit parrot eggs of all varieties. All of our eggs are from highly healthy birds in our aviary, are candle tested, and are 100% confirmed to be fertile for giving birth to healthy offspring. People who are considering growing their baby birds from the egg stage can place orders right now. Owning your own offspring is a lot of pleasure, and we will do everything we can to assist you in successfully hatching your birds.

As long as the eggs are not chilled, fertilized eggs can be incubated and developed into chicks. The majority of eggs used for commercial production are produced by hens that have not mated with roosters and are therefore not fertilized. Fertile eggs are not healthier than non-fertile eggs, do not preserve as well, and are more expensive to produce. Scientists think it’s more likely that the male hormone of the rooster evaporates, even though fertile eggs may have a tiny quantity of it. Fertile eggs are a delicacy to some ethnic groups.

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