Продам Опалові ара

Hatch date:10/01/2019
Довжина: 76-100 см (30-39 дюймів)
Вага: 0,9-2 кг (2-4,4 фунта)
Смугастий: Так
Стать ДНК: чоловіки/жінки
Розмова: так



Opaline Macaws For Sale – Mutations of Blue & Yellow Macaws

Opaline Macaws for sale, Mutation breeding is nothing new… For years the growing popularity of the mutation breeding parakeets under. But the macaws takes conscious cultivation on changes markedly. A mutation can also occur spontaneously in nature, but will probably not fast forward hatch. Would it ‘survival of the fittest’ apply, then the mutant probably become dominant… However, the mutation in culture is by people intervened; the opportunity to influence are often related birds of several generations linked. And money is usually the main driver, because for mutants, a capacity payment. What is the current state of the macaws? Buy Opaline Mutation macaws online

There are mutations in several macaw species, including the Great Soldiers macaws (Buffon’s ara) Blue and Yellow Macaws. In a previous article we talked about all the gold macaws Gary Redden. But the blue and yellow macaws, several mutations… there is even a genetics calculator made for these mutations! The genetics calculator for the Blue and Gold Macaws on this page found.

When changes are often ‘father and daughter’ (one andere family variaties) put together. That in itself is not so bad, in nature come in small populations such ‘situations incesteuze’ also for. In one way or another, nature has learned to deal with it. The stronger macaws survive and reproduce. The weaker macaws explain by giving Bob without the genes.


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